HI There!  We're Jacquie & Phil and we love being in this business which is in an industry that is just too easy to be passionate about; Personal Development. What is more, our business never missed a beat with the advent of Covid-19 ... we were already operating in a virtual environment - no changes required.

Worlds away from previous lives in Accounting, Teaching, and then as traditional business owners in the real estate industry.

What we have is worth sharing so that you can have the exact same opportunity as us ... and take it to whatever level that you choose.  It's a level playing field.


A digital business allows you to work from your own home office or anywhere you have your phone and an internet connection.

Work from the Comfort of Home

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Kirsty & Kev

We were pleasantly surprised to see that we could advertise all over the world with this business model and have since built a customer base through 16 different countries and earned more in a month than my previous annual salary. 

The training and support has been better than we've ever had!



From the moment I got started here I have been provided with so much support and training.

Being among a community of positive and like-minded people has tremendously assisted me in creating shifts in so many areas of my life.


Allow 5 to 10 minutes (max) for an initial conversation.  In only 5 minutes we will learn a little about each other and discover if we have a meeting of minds ... a potential fit.  Full details will be available to you immediately following this succesful interview.

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RealizeUrDreamz ...

We wanted to find our Solution for Change -- something Self Directed; Flexible; and Rewarding  ....and we found it right here   Jacquie & Phil

Are you still looking for your 'perfect fit'?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy the Freedom of Time

Is an online family business that operates in the Personal Development and Success Education sector in association with a recognized leader in the field. 

The company prides itself in its quality production of award-winning curriculum and documentaries; personal branding packages, plus outrageous and empowering virtual and/or live events hosted in exotic locations.

With over 10 years continuing growth, we are excited to provide a turnkey solution for change, assisting entrepreneurial minded self-starters in their quest to create a six figure plus income goal from their own home office.


Join in and have some fun on our Team or training calls - 5 days a week

We're good to go as long as we have internet and phone

Self Directed, Flexible, Rewarding

One-on-one mentoring via phone plus we make full use of video training modules as well as live and interactive team calls and special training using the ZOOM platform.  Full training on marketing, lead generation and servicing clients.

Start Part-Time and schedule your own hours. Work from your home office when it suits you and earn up to $8,000 per sale in your pocket.  This is Direct Sales - you get paid first.

Full and Ongoing Training and Development

No Cold Calling

We don't cold call, so you won't have to either.  We also don't stockpile any products or make lists of friends and family or do any in-home demonstrations or meetings ... this is not that.

So let's take a few minutes to watch and listen ...